Calgary's Contemporary Art Gallery

Viviane Case-Fox

When Viviane Case-Fox paints, vivid colours in acrylic flow onto her large canvases. Inspiration comes from various sources, while artists such as Henri Masson and Joan Mitchell stand out as influences.

Viviane Case-Fox offers us such visual pleasure. Her approach demonstrates both her immense respect for the act of pictorial creation, and her desire to elevate her subjects; to draw them out of their apparent banality into a kind of buffer universe situated somewhere between the confines of physical reality and the world of emotion. It is the sudden and intense joy that transports us when a well executed painting, created with passion and nuance, exalts the subtle modulation of forms, colours and textures in a way that seduces and intrigues the eye, and then the entire body.

Case-Fox's paintings are ageless, neither modern nor ancient. The artist is not searching to renew the act of painting: rather she tries to render, in her own way, powerful pictures created with as much skill and sensitivity as possible. She tries to communicate the pleasure she herself gains from painting, something she accomplishes by becoming totally engaged in her work, with her entire person. We can see traces of the greatest painters in history in her canvasses.