Calgary's Contemporary Art Gallery

Sylvain Roberge

A native of Quebec, the Canadian artist Sylvain Roberge stands out as a visionary conqueror. His work is characterized by a color palette as varied as the register of her subjects. Timeless but treated in a contemporary way, they demonstrate a strong academic background that transcends Roberge by continuous experiences. After the courses taken in Montreal and Toronto, the artist explores for himself various plastic techniques to translate to better vision of the moment. It does not follow trends, he perfected his style and built over time a singular work. Prior to each creation is a staging designed and highly effective attesting plural talent of this curious artist of all: photography, design, lighting and staging. passionate personality, unyielding and determined by Roberge charm intuitiveness with which he created. His works by their bill, their timeliness and obvious mastery of the techniques used, suggest the enthusiasm and the requirement that inhabit the artist. The multiplicity of processes confirms that Roberge constantly pushing the limits of his work and seeks to renew. In perpetual search of new emotions, he devoted his life to his art.