Calgary's Contemporary Art Gallery

Scott Addis

Born in a small rural community just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1963. He now resides in Montreal, Quebec.

Scott Addis studied at the University of Cincinnati as well as with Igor Babailov and other well-known art teachers. Being a landscape artist, Addis is now inspired by what surrounds him, Quebec and Ontario landscapes.

Addis says, "I paint landscapes because it is said, and I strongly believe it, that when you look at a portrait you observe the person, the subject. However, when you look at a landscape, you can plunge into it.  One can easily imagine oneself being there."

Above all, what Addis seeks is for people to be touched emotionally by his paintings. Addis is represented by many galleries in Canada and the United States. He has been featured in numerous US and Canadian magazines and his work is held in private and corporate collections worldwide.

"Small towns and big cities. Sheltered Harbors and wide open spaces. I’m like a curious kid, looking at the world with wide open eyes, sharing what I see with a very busy public. Art is like that – it’s an opportunity to slow it down and see what’s right in front of you, instead of staying so very busy without time to see – without time to be in the moment." - Addis