Calgary's Contemporary Art Gallery

Michel Pleau

Born in Trois-Rivières in 1949, Michel Pleau lives in Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc in the Mauricie and one daughter, Isabelle. Gifted with a natural talent for drawing, he was initiated very early to painting by his father, himself artist, and throughout his progression, he explored various styles: portrait, surrealism and abstraction. Living his art since 1992, he now focuses on painting landscapes in oil on canvas. His compositions made using a spatula are marked with a special texture and rich, vibrant colors and a remarkable play of light. They are realistic prints without compromising style and clean look to their creator. Michel Pleau is inspired by our rivers and forests, particularly those around her house located in the Laurentian Mountains, and lets move places guide his actions. The painting also represents for him the preferred way to communicate his appreciation for the beauty of nature as well as his respect for the mystery that it contains. A master in the art of making the intensity, emotion and enchantment sometimes ignored places in our country, the work of Michel admired for the quality of its execution for great poetry that s' emerges in. Since its debut in 1974, he participated in over 20 group exhibitions in North America and Europe, and has won several awards, including in particular the Great Canadian Painting Prize in 1989. regular solo exhibitions, dozens articles, as well as some television programs, including the road of arts, have also helped to disseminate the work of member of the Institute of Figurative Arts.