Calgary's Contemporary Art Gallery

Katherine Jeans

Katherine is an award winning filmmaker and visual artist whose body of work is a life long exploration of the arts.  Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, she moved to Ottawa as a young girl, where she still resides today. 

She is former partner and Vice-President of Sound Venture Productions, where she was the creative instigator for over 25 years. Today Katherine balances her time between visual art and documentary making.

Katherine's interest lies in capturing the ephemeral moment of a moving image.  Her unique style has movement, depth and transparency that are historically connected to her vocabulary as a filmmaker.

Her paintings are a personal selection of random freeze frames much like one would see in a dream or a moving picture.  She has been inspired by watching hundreds of hours of moving images in the editing suite.  It is these poignant flashes of beauty that she is interested in transforming onto the canvas.

Her work oscillates between painting and photorealism. She applies oil paint and mixed media in many different ways, pushing the boundaries of reality.

Exploring many genres of painting has been a necessary evolution to sustain Katherine’s faith in art as one of the “highest forms of hope”.

Many of her paintings have been featured in television series and movies in Canada and the US.