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Getting to Know Erin Brekke Conn

          At Latitude Art Gallery, we love to support unique, local talent and Erin Brekke Conn is just that! Erin lives and works in Airdrie, Alberta, and she draws her inspiration from Canadian wildlife and nature. Erin’s unique style brings energy and emotion to any space, as her work seems to come alive through the wildlife and vibrant landscapes depicted in an almost otherworldly motif. Erin’s style is most strongly identified by her use of pointillism; thousands of tiny raised dots that adorn the canvas in thoughtful placement. When we asked Erin about the evolution of her style, we learned the dots are something that have always been present, “The one thing that has not changed in my work has been the dots. Recently I went through a box of my childhood artwork and I was even doing the dots back then. I guess it came natural to me." Erin explained the difference from her work nine years ago to today, is that her dots have multiplied tremendously in each piece. "It’s a form of meditation for me".

          Erin’s passion for painting began when she was working as an interior designer. If Erin couldn’t find suitable artwork for show homes she would create it herself. This lead her to begin painting in any spare time she could find. Erin explains the transition into her career change, “Once I began selling my work to other designers and clients, I realized, maybe I could make a real career out of my true passion. I have now been a full-time artist for nine years”. 

          We asked Erin to share a little bit about her inspirations and creative process as an artist, “Since becoming a mother I definitely draw my inspiration from my two beautiful boys and nature. A lot of the ideas for my paintings come to me in dreams or right before I fall asleep. For my landscapes, I get inspired from being in the mountains. I take the intricate details in the rocks and replicate it in my own way with pattern and pointillism”. This is apparent in “Devil’s Gap” with the highly stylized mountains and skyline that take you to a place of enchantment and serenity. 

          A little over a year ago Erin began a project titled, ‘Wake Up it’s a Sunny Day’, dedicated to Autism Awareness. Erin expressed in her blog, “For the past year and a half my husband and I have been awakened by the sweet words “wake up it’s a sunny day!”. These words are spoken by my amazing four-year-old son who sees and experiences the world differently than we do. Seven months ago, he was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.” Erin completed a series of paintings to express the challenges faced by millions of people and families who are dealing with Autism. Erin said “With each painting that I create in this series my hope is to get a better perspective of my son’s world and the millions of beautiful minds on the spectrum”. Creating this series has been very therapeutic for Erin and she plans to create new pieces each year to add to the collection.

          Erin recently learned that she has been nominated for the Professional Artist Award for the 2017 Mayor’s Night of the Arts. While Erin was in complete shock when she found out about the nomination, we definitely weren’t! This respected nomination was chosen by adjudicators from ACAD, Calgary Arts Society, Pegasus Performers, Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Calgary Boys Choir who selected their favourites out of a competitive pool of candidates.  Keep your eye out for Erin’s work at the event, which takes place January 28th, 2017, and on display at Latitude Art Gallery!


Devil's Gap 40x48