Jim Akerman

Angelina Alonso

Vivianne Case-Fox

Aunaray Carol Clusiau

Delee DeCap
Serge Dube
Diane Guilbault

Chris Hill

Melissa Jean


Ludmila Kalinina 

Kimberly Kiel 


Lisa Kozokowsky  

Boris Kramer  

Wayne Leidenfrost  

Jennifer Mack                    
Georges Maes

Sabine Maitre

 Branko Marjanovic
Jana Milne

Sophie Paquet 


Katia Poulin

Michel Pleau 

Stephanie Rivet    

Sylvain Roberge

Doris Savard

Todd West


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Latitude Art Gallery

Latitude Art Gallery's new location is now open at 102A 708 11 Avenue SW. We will be hosting an Evening with the Artists, featuring Kimberly Kiel, Lisa Kozokowsky and Aunaray Clusiau on October 23, email for your invitation. 

Established in 2007, Latitude Art Gallery represents many of Canada's most exciting and collectable contemporary artists.

Our valued clients appreciate our top-notch service; we encourage you to experience our art in your space before you buy.